Rossett Mock Elections

With the General Election fast approaching Rossett is holding its own Mock Election Week. At least three students from Year 7 -9 have been selected to represent each of the five main political parties. Candidates have been making posters, preparing speeches and broadcasts and putting together policies with guidance from future possible ministerial candidates. Candidates’ question time will be held for each year group this week with the whole school voting will Rossett’s Election Day this Friday (1 May).

Adding data to an existing class in iDoceo

1. Make sure you have existing class data. Open Google Drive.
2. Using the menu button in the top right corner browse to Incoming -> iDoceo
3. Open the latest folder of data. If the latest folder of data isn’t appearing, search using the bar at the top for “Cycle 1/2/3” depending on which cycle has just ended.
4. Open your subject folder and tap your class file
5. Tap “Open In…” and choose iDoceo from the menu that appears.
6. After iDoceo has loaded choose “Append class data”
7. Pick your class from the list of existing classes.
8. Open your class to find the updated data in a new tab on the right

TLC Learning Fair

In this year’s Teacher Learning Communities (TLCs) staff @Rossett have focussed on developing the learning in their classrooms by focussing on questioning, feedback and differentiation. The TLC Learning Fair was a chance for the staff to showcase the work from their TLCs. Each faculty produced a stall for the Learning Fair and staff were then able to walk around the Fair and see what the other faculties had produced. The atmosphere was brilliant and the Fair was a fantastic opportunity to see the high quality work that has been produced within the TLCs.